Our Story


When friends Fiona Mutton & Bec Wilkins got scheming in the local pub back in 2013 neither could imagine that in just a few months time they would be sharing their eye for eclectic style at their beautiful store in Braidwood.
The two share a passion for travel and have long standing connections in south east Asia.
Fiona has a wealth of experience in retail and whilst new to Bec her expert eye and flair for design made them a great team.
On their first overseas trip together, they scoured back streets, salvage yards, family co-ops and local artisans to source the textiles, homewares, furniture, fashion and other treasures and a few weeks later had secured a storefront on Braidwood’s bustling Main Street.
Sandalwood Homewares was established in 2013 and was met with such enthusiasm that the girls had to rush back overseas just two weeks later, to frantically restock.
Business has been non stop ever since.
Braidwood locals and visitors alike fall in love with the colour and texture of the ever changing array of unique goods.
The shopping trips have now extended to include, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco and very soon Mexico!
By drawing from a wide range of suppliers across a number of different countries, and combining new and old pieces, Sandalwood Homewares stylings are joyfully diverse, full of personality and always individual.
The range whilst always changing does always include homewares, textiles, soft furnishings, furniture, fashion, jewellery & so much more. Many items are one off never to be repeated pieces.
The shopping trips are far from glamorous and not for the faint hearted, but Bec and Fiona never take shortcuts - committed to seeing the origin of their stock and ensuring ethical sourcing and production. They forgo the usual Trade Fairs and large scale wholesalers, instead working with small family operations, individual artisans, art co-operatives and venturing off the beaten track working along side the locals to find reclaimed items, stunning antiques and hand made treasures.
That means that each and every piece in store is hand picked by Bec and Fiona. Each piece has a story. The girls take pride in knowing the history and significance of the reclaimed and restored pieces and in having personally met the artists, craftspeople and families who produce the wonderful range of products.
Through their hard work Bec and Fiona are creating “ a life less ordinary” not only for their customers but also for themselves whilst at the same time supporting the livelihoods of artists, families and communities abroad-a rare shopping experience in todays world.
10 years on Bec and Fiona continue to love and grow their passion, Sandalwood Homewares… ever evolving but always true to their original vision …. Stay tuned for bespoke small group travel experiences…. Watch this Space.